People transport

Our vehicles and buses are ready to transport individuals and human groups wherever and whenever you need.

Goods transport

Modern powerful trucks, and professional expert drivers, ready to transport your goods and deliver them safely to any place you want. We provide our service of transporting goods no matter are their types and sizes, within KSA.

Water transport

Our commitment in E’ara is to meet the needs and satisfy our customers all the time. And as we know the great importance of Water in our life, we added to our fleet a group of trucks and equipments to transport water wherever you need.

Raw materials transport

Keep it fast and safe. No matter what are the raw materials you need, we are ready to deliver them to you.

Cement transport

We strive in our business to help you grow and prosper your business, and to be able to meet your requirements and needs quickly and effectively. So we provide –among others- cement and building materials transport and delivery services. With well equipped trucks and professional drivers, to guarantee safe, fast and easy transport of these […]

Fuel and petroleum materials transport

Petroleum products and fuel are sensitive and need special care while transporting. So we built in “E’ara” a specialized, safe and protected transportation network to transport these materials. To preserve and protect them with minimum risk during the transportation process. And with our team supervising and tracking the shipment to make sure it arrives safely […]